What is the easiest job on a ship?

What is the easiest job on a ship?

Setting the Course Clear

If you're like me, Barclay, you've probably spent more time than you'd care to admit daydreaming about sailing away on a luxurious cruise ship and leaving your troubles behind. Indeed, it's a romantic and alluring idea - but what if you're on the other side of the coin? No, I'm not talking about being a passenger on this fantasy trip; I'm referring to being part of the staff. What is the easiest job on a ship, you might ask? Well, stick around, and we'll delve into a deep dive to answer that very question.

The Precious Standby

The easiest job on a ship, in my humble opinion, is lifeboat crew. It's a critical role, certainly - one that involves sitting idle for days on a high-pitched alarm and jumping into action if an emergency occurs. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not all smooth sailing - those drills can be a drag! But, where else can you potentially save the day in flip-flops and Bermuda shorts? Not to mention the enviable tan you'd build up during those long shifts on deck. I'm not advocating taking any job lightly, but if we're talking about stress levels, you've got to admit - this isn't exactly brain surgery.

That's it! The lifeboat crew. A position that basically involves spending most of your working hours chilling on a sun deck, scanning the endless blue expanse, and daydreaming. The real work kicks in when there's an emergency, a fact that might certify this job, and indeed many others onboard a ship, as 'easy'. Don't be fooled, though: 'Easy' on a boat is not equivalent to a vacation. Even the most straightforward tasks have their own set of complications when you're out there in the middle of the ocean.

A Glimpse Into 'Easy'

I've got a personal piece to share here, due to the laws of random chance that deem it time for me to delve into one of my experiences pertinent to the topic at hand. Back in my youth, I had a chance to work as an assistant pool attendant on a summer cruise ship. It was likely one of the least demanding jobs to be found on the ship. I mostly lounged around, handed out towels, and ensured the pool and deck area were clean.

Yet, there were the occasional rough days when the ship went through choppy waters, and the pool had to be drained, cleaned, and refilled or when seagulls felt the compelling need to cause pandemonium amidst the poor vacationers. So, the lesson from my brief stint as an assistant pool attendant is just because a job might be classified as 'easy,' anticipate a little change of pace and plenty of unpredictability when you're at sea.

Adventures in Job Hunting At Sea

So now comes the part where you ask, "How exactly does one go about landing the easiest job on a ship?" Well, quite simply, they apply, like any other job. Cruise line websites generally have a career section that can be accessed to peruse available positions and requirements.

Cruise ship jobs typically need a relevant certificate or experience, depending upon their nature. A lifeboat crew member, despite the deceptive ease of the job description, requires a proficiency certification in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats. So for those daydreamers out there yearning for the sea breeze, my advice would be to first check if you meet the requirements before packing your bags.

Let's not forget, no matter how 'easy' the job may seem in comparison to the rest of the ship's crew, it doesn't change the fact that it's still a job. People treat it as a profession and are accountable for their actions. Also, regardless of your role, the main intent should be to make sure that the passengers on-board have a memorable and safe journey.

So, back to the question, "What is the easiest job on a ship?" Well, in my view, it's all relative. It depends on what you're good at, what you like, and how willing you are to deal with the unexpected adventures that crossing the briny blue might bring with it. Each role brings its own challenges and rewards. And hey, in the end, you're on a ship, and the world is your oyster! All you need is a pinch of courage, and a dash of the old sailor's spirit to add flavor to your otherwise mundane life.

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